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The Whiteboard Session

A week long coaching partnership designed to bring you and your Big Idea from overing (overthinking, overdoing, and overwhelm) to relaxed action and clarity.



What is a Whiteboard Session?

The Whiteboard Session the ultimate Idea Activator, the final push your idea needs to move from thinking in to action: a one week, Unlimited Coaching partnership that kicks off with a TWO HOUR deep dive Coaching Session mapped out over two Whiteboards.

It is NOT another program, course, or list of strategies to add to your to-do list. In fact, this conversation is the OPPOSITE of "more stuff to do". It's a place for you to sort through "all of the things" and zoom OUT from everything you have on your plate.

The unique, visual nature of this session will result in a one-of-a-kind thought map that will allow you to explore the big picture of your thinking in a way that is oftentimes difficult to see when you're in your own head.

As a result you will experience clarity, clear steps, and a renewed sense of forward motion.

A snapshot of your finished thought-map will immediately be texted and emailed to you for reflection, review, and continued inspiration.

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  • A Snail Mail package BEFORE our session to get you set up for our work together

  • A Strengths Audit designed to make all of your invisible strengths and superpowers visible

  • A 2-hour, deep dive coaching conversation via Zoom. All of your insights, ideas and next steps will be mapped out across two whiteboards during our session and shared with you via email and text immediately after our call.

  • A Whiteboard Session Workbook to record your 7 days of insights and microaction.

  • ONE WEEK of Unlimited Coaching support via voxer, messenger, and email.

  • A twenty minute wrap up call to cement biggest takeaways and next steps.

(**Important note. This list shows you what you'll get from me. What you'll get OUT of the partnership, however, rests as much in your hands as it does in mine. Click here for more.) 

Next Steps

Your investment for everything noted above and all of the clarity and kickstarting energy you'll experience as a result of it all is $750. To take the first step click the button below to set up a conversation.

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A Whiteboard Session is the perfect fit if... 


You've lost the forest for the trees

This is the perfect session if you've lost the forest for the trees and you want to get fresh insight around your purpose and your WHY. Perfect for EVOLVING your current idea or project and clarifying your deeper vision and next steps.


You Need a Kickstart

This is the perfect session to kickstart your NEW idea or vision that you want to map out and get clarity on. Get ready to get OUT of your head and IN to action.



Susan, for the first time in a many years, let herself focus on what SHE wants to create next. After a challenging life transition, she was ready to look forward again and took this time to lay the groundwork for her big vision, explore the fine details, and get super honest and vulnerable about what she believes is holding her back.


Tina realized that she'd been living from a place of "should" for a long time rather than letting herself relax into what she WANTS to do and create with her time. Together we explored the theme of "aliveness" and what that could look like in Tina's life. As a result of these powerful insights she left the session feeling more grounded, present, and open to whatever ideas show up next.



Julia used her Whiteboard Session to explore her terrexcitifying idea to turn a lifelong passion into a possible business venture. She walked away from the conversation with a solid micro-action plan and within the week was experimenting with new projects and had scheduled multiple client sessions in her new field.


Dani found clarity around what was REALLY standing in her way and walked away with microactions to start clearing that away.  She set a date, time and place for a workshop she'd been conceptualizing and in the days following our conversation Dani took non-stressed-out action on ideas she'd been sitting on for months.