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I'm Allegra

Adventurer, Wife, Mother, and Thought and Action Coach for Ideas and their people.


My work is driven by one simple thing: helping awesome people do the things they really, really want to do.

I've had a decades-long affair with big ideas. As an undergraduate at the University of California at Davis, my study abroad experiences lit a fire within me and my passion for testing my personal boundaries and leaning into adventure was born.  

Trekking Annapurna, Nepal.

Trekking Annapurna, Nepal.

Post graduate work brought me to Nepal to help wildlife biologists tag and study wild civet cats, and my desire to give back fueled my desire to spend two years serving as a Peace Corp volunteer in Bulgaria.  

In the lowlands of Nepal, holding a marten.

In the lowlands of Nepal, holding a marten.

When I returned stateside, I flung a duffle bag over my shoulder and moved solo to New York City, where I dove into teaching 8th grade Science in the Bronx withTeach for America.

I have made personal life decisions that honor authenticity, uncertainty, and the power of taking chances and have experienced first hand the growth, discovery, and pure alive-ness that results from saying yes to new ideas and embracing the unknown.


In 2012, I began to channel that love of discovery and growth into my training and work as a coach. I have studied formally and am certified under Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School and have been forever changed by my mentors Master Coach Joyce Campbell, and Leadership Coach John Morgan. I draw powerful inspiration from the works of Michael Neill, Steve Chandler, Tara Brach, Jamie Smart, and Rich Litvin, and have completed training in somatic coaching. 

I practice and wrestle with the perspectives and skills I teach. I am a deeply committed student of thought work, tapping into the  potential we all have to change our lives, and the power of personal reflection, awareness, and investigating our relationship to our thoughts and feelings.  

This love of both ACTION and THOUGHT has fused into a unique coaching approach that honors both.

My clients’ measures of success and personal evolution are as real as they are varied. They have left unsatisfying jobs to pursue more meaningful work. They have created movements, written books, started businesses, and moved across the country. They have redefined, committed to, and taken action to create what they most want. For the first time in their lives they have started saying "No" to requests that drain their time, energy, and spirit and have taken vacations where they've happily left  their cell phones in their hotel rooms.

More profoundly, they have experienced lasting personal transformation that they fully own with pride.  They’ve shifted from Surviving to Thriving, tapped back into their innate creativity and resilience, embraced risk and uncertainty, discovered a renewed sense of freedom and excitement, and have reconnected to life as an ADVENTURE.

Allegra's incredible wisdom, loving guidance and compassion, constant listening ear, and gentle reframing of life have been pivotal factors in helping me feel empowered to embrace what was happening and find peace and possibility in what will be. My family and friends were amazing resources and shoulders to lean on.  However, they didn't have the limitless amount of insight or patience, the unparalleled ability to provide me with new lenses and perspectives, and belief in me when I couldn't find it within myself.  My work with Allegra provided me with a constant and unwavering source of strength.  

-J. Simpson