As  a result of our work together -- WOW! I really created an adventure.

Before my Whiteboard Session with Allegra, I felt stuck in my life, overcommitted in every way, and not feeling quite as productive as I felt I should be. There were so many options, (gratefully!) however I was not choosing or sticking to any and was carrying a story that retirement means I am old and non-productive. I have always wanted to travel, see new places, meet new people,  to jump in the RV and go west -- but that seemed impossible because there seemed to be too many responsibilities and concerns. I have always felt a sense of family obligations and needing to be available just in case; I am also involved with several organizations and volunteering opportunities.

Through Allegra’s coaching and our Whiteboard Session workbook, I was able to delve into realizing what it would look and BE like making honest decisions, decisions that I could make for myself. I have recognized that I really do want an adventurous life of meeting new people and places. I felt passionate and alive just creating the possibility of adventure and travel. I want to seek out and  gain wisdom by wondering how wisdom occurs and being open to it. Traveling alone and BEING by myself is scary and intimidating, which in and of itself is invigorating. Using the word "Could" as opposed to "Should" (which I come to understand, I have lived in the SHOULD world). I have realized that anything is possible!

As  a result of our work together -- WOW! I really created an adventure. .I have been very busy exploring ALL the wonderful possibilities and adventures to come. After the Whiteboard Session, I truly considered what was possible and identified  the supposed barriers. I slowed down to evaluate what I would like the adventure to look like and spent time researching where I might want to visit and explore. Within the adventure, the infamous RV trip...(leaving NY on July 7th 9am sharp!) I have planned to meet up with many friends in multiple states. Between visits it is all ME and my wisdom books until Washington State.

During this journey I want to create understanding within myself about how I want to be in the world and reinvent what it is like to be a healer again without sacrificing myself. I have addressed many of the barriers, such as who will check on the house when I am gone and water the plants, who will cut the grass, how I will obtain mail and important correspondences, properly conditioning RV to be road worthy, meeting with financial advisor, and - the most concerning barrier - sharing the news with my family.

I have created space during the trip to become more mindful of the balance I need in my life. Regular meals and exercise will be part of this adventure.

I joined a Class C RV group and feel a connection and a great resource if I have questions on the road...Connecting with people and  I haven't even left yet!

I have acknowledged how fear can stop you from being true to yourself. It is clear that I have made decisions in life because they were easier to deal with and not in my best interest or at times others. This is where I want to create honesty in life decisions. I also realize I don’t really know how someone will respond and that creates a fear and immobility to making decisions.

With Allegra’s help I was delighted to discover that I am capable, persistent and determined and that fear is a companion. I am ready to shift from survive to thrive and "flip the switch" I am capable of creating an adventure of a lifetime and weed out the stories.

I have realized that looking outward before focusing in brings more clarity and that any barrier has a potential resource or solution. I CAN use my resources and create options for solutions.

I feel many shifts occurring in my world. Relationships, self awareness and feeling more compassion than I have in a long time.  I am searching for how I will be in the world going forward...with this realization, I could create such opportunities with this trip of self discovery.

I want to thank you for your deep commitment to coaching. You have inspired me to plan this amazing trip.

-Trish Chelsen

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