I know what my vision is as a result of this session...

I signed up for the Whiteboard Session with Allegra because it was key to step back and look at the big picture of where I want to go in my business.

As a result of our work together I realized that part of my mission is to meet people on two different levels...the information gathering level and the meaning/synthesizing level.  I created some visuals to help me understand different aspects of my business and the levels I want to reach people at and was able to share this vision with different people related to my rebranding process.

My biggest insight is that my business is a living, breathing thing because it's an extension of me...and I'm a living, breathing thing. It's dynamic and organic, and to be truly healthy it must evolve and grow. To stay fixed or stuck to "what was" may appear "safe" on the surface, but that's precisely how my creativity will get stifled.

I definitely walked away with more clarity and feeling less overwhelmed about how to "make sense" out of everything going on in my head. It was really amazing to see it take shape on Allegra's whiteboard.

The Whiteboard Session was a 10 out of 10. Allegra is the only coach I have continued to come back to year after year. That says something.

-Steph Gaudreau // stupideasypaleo.com

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