Whiteboard Sessions put ideas in your mind into existence on the board

Before my Whiteboard Session, my day-to-day tasks were taking priority and I wasn't setting aside the time to step back, reflect and do big picture planning.  Plus, it felt overwhelming to think about and I didn't know where to start.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of the session especially because I've never done this kind of work with someone before. I wasn't clear on what project/idea I'd be working on so wasn't sure what the result would be. What I did know was that it probably wouldn't be clear until I tried it and that I needed help. Ultimately the timing was right - I had it in mind to find someone to work with to help me get some outside perspective.

The biggest insights came as a result of small shifts in how I see things. Something as simple as thinking “I’m not a morning person” and having Allegra suggest reframing how I'm not a “practiced” morning person opened up the possibility to try. Another example is taking a moment for self care, something as simple as taking a walk for ten minutes, and seeing it as a part of my 'work' day, not something I just do for myself in my own time. Yet another thing I think about but hadn’t been making time for - reading. It was my self care activity I chose to do for the week. There is a small stack of books I’m interested in reading but never seem to get around to it. I happened to pick up Good Morning, Beautiful Business by Judy Wick right before our WBS. Reading this particular book couldn’t have come at a better time and it definitely helped having accountability with Allegra to make sure I would start.

I began to look at my work and financial goals as a whole and knock down the compartments I've put them in. Allegra was able to take a birds eye view on my work scope then simplify the list. Recognizing my love for snacks, she sent me home with a ‘snack platter’ of tasks in the form of a handful of post-its with prompts written on them. Looking at the tasks as ‘snacks’ made them less intimidating and throughout the week, I was putting all my lists and journaling in one place (they are usually in multiple places) and referring back to them. The small post-its are now subject tabs in the notebook (I love being able to repurpose things!).

Being a freelancer and small business operator for most of my career, I’ve been moving in a continual forward motion from project to project. I was trying to do an audit of my skills and past work experience when I hit a wall. Allegra suggested I reach out to a small group of people that I have worked with in the past. I put together a quick email with a few questions and amazed at what I received in return. Getting the feedback from past clients has been extremely eye opening and surprising. It was a great reminder that I am my own most harsh critic and helped me speak to what I do by borrowing the words of people I’ve worked with.

Taking time to reflect created space for me to acknowledge my accomplishments, celebrate them and how I got to this point in time. I realized the work I had done was waiting to be acknowledged so it could activate my confidence. The most notable learning from this experience is that I can stand in the confidence of my experiences. I feel more empowered to move in the direction that I'm going in.

Whiteboard Sessions put ideas in your mind into existence on the board - it's not permanent, but it’s a starting point where you can see them in front of you. Allegra is the guide through this process where she hands you the chisel or the hammer in the form of prompts, questions, and reminders to help give shape to the ideas.

-Stella Yoon

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