My expectations were exceeded by the stars...

Before my Whiteboard Session with Allegra I felt like there were a million ping pong balls pinging around inside my head. I wasn't sure I really knew what I was doing, what I wanted to do, how to go about it. I had been toying with this transition in my business, but just getting lost in clutter. I knew it needed to change, or maybe already had, but couldn't put my finger on it.

Allegra helped me really break down and visualize exactly what I had been thinking about, how to put it all together and how to start to communicate it. The biggest thing was purging all the fears and realizing that a lot of what was going on - or wasn't going on - was tied to self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Being able to verbally process that was HUGE for me.

Discovering the connection between fear and what was going on and that THAT was the root cause of so much was a huge outcome. The feeling of discovering and seeing the clarity of purpose that I already had within me in the flesh was pretty great and really felt like I had a place to move forward from.

The Whiteboard Session was a 10 out of 10 and my expectations were exceeded by the stars. I was delighted by our connection.

Kourtney Thomas //

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Allegra empowers people. 

She listens without judgement and is very respectful, open minded and full of fresh perspective. I could have talked to her for hours.

I decided to reach out when I realized that I’d built up more and more negative and confusing feelings about my future and needed guidance from someone other than a friend in order to get a clearer picture of it all.

Looking for a coach was a way to save myself and start taking “action” to get out of this confusing situation. I admitted I needed help, and just reaching out for it felt good - like I was listening to myself and that I was doing something very positive.

Allegra was able to look at my story and let me know that how I felt was led by my thoughts only. My thoughts are MY reality but not THE reality. When I start having a “negative” thought, I am more aware of it and I try to identify what I think and how to shift it. I question what I think and if it does not please me, I rectify it to believe in the new positive thought.

“I am much more alive, energetic and living in the moment.”

Claire Yoh

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When Allegra and I reconnected and started working together again I was feeling afraid on some levels to actually move forward with that I really wanted.

Allegra is a trusted sounding board. She isn’t the kind of coach that often tells me exactly what to do. Instead, she listens to what I’m going through and comes back with strategies for me to work on regarding said struggles. You know how when you take a shower and the bathroom mirror ends up all foggy, then you go to put on makeup or brush your hair? You can see the outline, a blurred image of what you look like. Allegra’s sort of like the hand that wipes away the fog so I can see myself more clearly.

I trust Allegra, and when we work together, I end up feeling more effective and confident.

Steph Gaudreau,

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Allegra has helped me take the next steps...

My biggest insight as a result of our Whiteboard Session is Sharing. Sharing no matter what is showing up. Putting it out there, creating the next project.

I also took action on getting in front of the camera and mixing this with clips and animation. I have a sense that putting one foot in front of the other and following those breadcrumbs (micro steps) will present the next step as I move along. There is no way to figure it all out before hand. 

Working with Allegra and the Whiteboard Session helped me see that just being me, on and off camera, is enough. My part is to share what shows up as it presents itself.

-Terry Runyan //

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I felt like Dorothy at the end of the "The Wizard of Oz"...

One session with Allegra completely changed the way I viewed my own perceived lack of time and energy: she helped me take a hard look at where they were actually going, and empowered me to reclaim them. As a result of our session I now take greater notice of which downtime activities nourish me and which deplete me.

I felt like Dorothy at the end of “The Wizard of Oz”: the answer was in my hands all along, I just needed someone else to help me see it.

There is an art and a science to asking the right questions and helping guide people to their own clear, true answers, and Allegra has that perfect touch - but only if you’re truly ready to go there.

Christine Gritmon //

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I feel relief to be moving in areas I've been stuck...

Before working with Allegra I was thinking of ways to get everything done, and not actually doing anything. I felt like I didn't know how to talk to people about what I'm doing.

Now, as a result of our Whiteboard Session, my website is up, with content. I have a place to showcase my writing. I have a Facebook group with four members. I am spending less time thinking how to do and more time doing to see what happens. I have people to help me through the legal tech licensing process. I've begun the process of having a local business license. I have notes on future blog posts.

I feel relief to be moving in areas I've been stuck. Relief that it's okay to ask for (even pay for) and accept help. Relief in remembering that it doesn't all have to be done right now, or even right.

I’ve realized that 1) it's all changeable, 2) feeling inept because I want coaching support is silly - especially if I hope to be a coach one day, 3) doing is not the same as thinking or planning or talking.

All of it was more fun than I'd let it be before.

Zan Ross //

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