Idea #5: "I want to give more respect, attention and time to my art practice."

PRE-WBS IDEA STATUS: Before our Whiteboard Session my client was either doing her work or not doing it (having fun, seeing friends, enjoying my summer etc.) She wasn't feeling terrible, but rather like she was reaching this steady point with work and friends where it felt important, safe and scary to include art back into her life in a similar way that it had been when she was in graduate school and committed to her artwork -- it felt like an activity as important (if not more so) than the activity of making money and surviving.

She worried that she didn’t have enough time for it but ultimately decided that she want to be able to fit things besides work into her life even when she was busy and that this would be good practice.

KEY MICROACTIONS: Made real connections with people, added images of her art to instagram, talked more confidently about her own art practice, read more, purchased art books and materials (investment!), spent more time looking out the window instead of looking at youtube.

RESULTS: Idea Activated!!

As I result of this work I have much more clarity and permission to take space for non work related activities.

CLIENT REFLECTIONS: "One of my biggest insights during the Whiteboard Session week was dealing with my idea of what commitment means -- how it really has such a negative context in my brain and relates to being afraid to be bored or fear of not knowing what to do when I’m not working on money making projects. Confronting fear of working on project where I am the boss (art boss) and that it may fail in some way. "


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