IDEA HISTORY: Kara had created a ton of professional success in the past six months. Because of her attention to and drive around work, however, she had begun to feel like the other parts of her life had started to suffer - her health, presence with family, and tending to self-care. We started working together when Kara was in a position to invest her time and energy back in to these important parts of her life without losing ground in her career.

PRE WHITEBOARD SESSION IDEA STATUS: “I was feeling anxious- I knew things were good, but they didn't ‘feel’ good.”

KEY MICROACTIONS: During our Whiteboard Session foundational conversation Kara identified that her theme for the week would be Intention and Awareness. She crafted a set of commitments that felt powerful and embodied and recognized that her version of “balance” looks totally different than what others might expect. Her primary practice for the week was a 5 minute calendar review every morning and intentionally make sure her day reflected her commitments, even if just in very small ways. She also practiced an end of day reflection, cementing in her awareness and control around how she had chosen to spend her time that day.

RESULTS: Idea Activated!  "My ahh haaa as a result of this work was truly that everything IS GOOD- I just need to take moments and recognize it and wrap my head around "life". My biggest takeaway is allowing time for reflection. When I feel anxious- I am able to recognize it and take a moment.

I am in control of my life - like, really in control.

COACH NOTES: This idea was one of BEing rather than DOing. Kara has no problem doing, especially when it comes to work and family. Where the struggle was, however, was in taking time to slow down, reflect, and really make sure that the way she was spending her time was aligned with what her deeper values and commitments are -- to feel like she was in control of the ship rather than being swept along by the currents. During our foundational session I loved diving in to what her definition of BALANCE is and recognizing that what would feel balanced in her life looks different than what she might have expected. I also appreciated how creative she got around what “honoring health” and “being present with family” could actually look like on any given day, even if those moments were brief.

Our work together provided a springboard from which she can continue the practice of intentionality and awareness.

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