Idea #4: Clarify the vision and core of my work.

IDEA: "I want to clarify the vision and core of my work". - Steph Gaudreau,

PRE-WBS IDEA STATUS: This idea was a long time in development, the result of years of deep work in Steph's field and honest reflection on her own values and priorities. The inspiration for her new business direction had multiple layers, insights, and was grounded in years of experience and exploration. With everything going on, though, the evolved vision for her business hadn't had the space to get clarified and strengthened.

She was moving forward with some more ambitious business goals - writing a new book, launching a rebrand - but felt lacking in the deeper clarity around her bigger message. This sense of stuckness was keeping her from making bold moves within her new projects.

KEY MICROACTIONS: This WBS was more about rediscovering the forest for the trees and moving forward from that place of centeredness and connection to her big vision. Follow up microactions included bringing this clarity into key conversations with business partners, book editors, and brand developers.

RESULTS: Idea Activated!! As a result of our conversation she was able to re-enter ongoing professional partnerships and projects with a greater sense of confidence and calm.

I know what my vision is as a result of this session.

CLIENT REFLECTIONS: "I definitely walked away with more clarity and feeling less overwhelmed about how to "make sense" out of everything going on in my head. It was really amazing to see it take shape on Allegra's whiteboard."

TO FOLLOW ALONG and engage with Steph's powerful work and thriving community click herehere and here

COACH NOTES: This was a compelling idea and partnership for many reasons. I have worked with Steph on and off for many years and continue to be in awe of her creativity, determination, drive, and passion. Watching the movement she is building unfold and having the opportunity to support her work is one of the greatest honors of my work as a coach.

Our Whiteboard Session stood out for its Forest for the Trees energy. Whereas many partnerships are around activating a new idea, this conversation gave Steph -- already deeply engaged in her work -- the space to ZOOM OUT from the minutiae of her practice and gain clarity around the bigger picture and direction of her vision.

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