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PRE-WBS IDEA STATUS: “Before my Whiteboard Session, my day-to-day tasks were taking priority and I wasn't setting aside the time to step back, reflect and do big picture planning.  Plus, it felt overwhelming to think about and I didn't know where to start.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of the session especially because I've never done this kind of work with someone before. I wasn't clear on what project/idea I'd be working on so wasn't sure what the result would be. What I did know was, it probably wouldn't be clear until I tried it and that I needed help. Ultimately the timing was right - I had it in mind to find someone to work with to help me get some outside perspective.”

KEY MICROACTIONS: Some key microactions that came out of our Whiteboard Session included a commitment to daily practice of the 3Ms (meditation, morning ritual, movement); structured reflection and brainstorming around the “snack plate” of projects the client had identified as focus points during our session; taking steps to get feedback from clients and Group Crit participants.

RESULTS: As a result of our work together Stella began turning calm and clarified focus not only on her professional projects and the next steps she needed to take but also on her own well-being and centeredness.


Whiteboard Sessions put ideas from your mind into existence on the’s not permanent, but it’s a starting point where you can see them in front of you. Allegra is the guide through this process where she hands you the chisel or the hammer in the form of prompts, questions, and reminders to help give shape to the ideas.”

TO FOLLOW ALONG and engage with Stella’s work and thriving community click here , here and here

COACH NOTES: This was such an exciting partnership as I have been a fan of Stella for many years. To have the opportunity to support her as she moves in to the next phase of her work was quite the honor. Our foundational coaching conversation was a perfect example of the power in slowing down, taking a necessary breath, and zooming out to see the big picture of one’s work. There were so many parts and pieces to the projects she was developing that it had become difficult to see the forest for the trees. Taking time within the Whiteboard Session itself and then during our week of follow up coaching to slow down, reflect, brainstorm and give attention to these different parts created a personal sense of groundedness and focus that she’d been missing.  I can’t wait to see what she creates out of this renewed clarity.

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