Idea #8: I WANT TO Write A Book


PRE-WBS IDEA STATUS: “Before the Whiteboard Session I was avoiding starting my project because I was filled with doubt and fear and stuck in bad habits. I didn't believe in myself enough to try and I was feeling a lot of anxiety and discontent around it.

This coaching partnership seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, a chance to lay everything out and get someone's feedback and support.

I was concerned about where the money would come from but felt that it would be worth the investment to pull myself out of my head and take action. I thought to myself, ‘if you don't take this opportunity now... will you have the guts to do it later? If not now, when? It's just money.’”

KEY MICROACTIONS: Key microactions that came out of our Whiteboard Session included a commitment to daily writing practice and mindfully saying “no” to distractions.

RESULTS: THE BOOK IS STARTED!! “As a result of this work I created a week of productivity, focus, nourishing down time, and abstaining from habits which decrease my energy and productivity. I also have a tangible action plan on where I am going and what steps I need to take to get there.”

I’m experiencing clarity and focus, belief in myself and my dreams, less anxiety, confidence, power, and strength.

CLIENT REFLECTIONS: “The most important positive outcome of the Whiteboard Session was having someone in my corner who believes in me and my dream and offered a hand to hold while I make the transition from talking about it to taking action. This partnership is a powerful tool in helping people like me who need a little extra support to go after their dreams. “

To follow along with Nicki’s work (and order her book when it’s released!!) click here or here.

COACH REFLECTIONS: What made the week with Nicki so rewarding was a combination of a few things: 1) her spirit. Her energy as a human. Her authenticity and willingness to be vulnerable. As a person — beyond whatever projects she brings to life — she is a gem. 2) Her readiness. In some ways it was as if she was already on the train, headed towards her destination, and she needed just this one last little stop along the way - a final dose of clarity, encouragement, and clear microactions to really get things in to gear. 3) Her willingness to take action. This was the week she committed to growing her idea and she did just that. 4) Her commitment to reflection, to the BEing part of the work and not just the doing. Nicki was reflective, willing to look at all angles of what this project means to her - not only in what she was doing but who she wanted to BE while doing it. I truly loved this partnership, this PERSON, and the Idea that was activated as a result of our work together.

Allegra SteinComment