Burning desire - the fuel for your train

It takes a lot of effort to change. 

When I'm talking to clients about how to build that momentum towards taking their life in a new, inspired direction, I'll oftentimes find myself pacing around, mimicking the action of a steam train JUST starting to pull out of a station.

I'm sure you've seen it. The coal is being thrown in the firebox at a rapid pace, the steam is starting to billow. The rods and pistons slowly start to lift and turn as the wheels begin to turn. The weight of the train seems almost insurmountable in that moment, and yet that burning, white-hot fire creates enough power to overcome the lag and mass of the train.  

0:30 is where is starts to get good. The whistle is pretty fabulous, too.

Starting to take directed, conscious action down a different life path is much like this. Sometimes the weight of your fears and foggy mindset, as well as the focused strategy and energy you'll need to harness to bring your dreams to life seem insurmountable.  

Much like the coal in the firebox, though, what will fuel that first hitch forward is one core requirement:

Burning desire.

Whether it's to pull out of your current station or move on to the next one, stoke that burning desire into a white-hot fury and nothing can stop you from starting your journey.

What fuels your fire?


Allegra SteinComment