Pushing Boulders

A story about my morning:

I've decided to create and run a workshop for women called the What I Want Workshop. It'll involve moleskine journals, good pens, great conversation, coaching, cold drinks, cookies!.... haven't hashed out all the details yet but I know what I want women to walk away with after being there.

What I'm trying to do now is find cool places to host this thing. Maybe even connect with other women business owners running brick & mortar shops - we can co-create this awesome little event, each get some good PR, and together put on a cool session.

It all sounds great, right? Where I get nervous, though, is in approaching these businesses. Already I have 3 or 4 places in mind, plus 2 or 3 women who I know love to bring people together and might be game for collaborating.

This morning was the morning I had on my calendar to actually walk in to a couple of shops and talk to the owners. Lay it on the table. Share my idea. Risk them saying, "no. You're crazy. Not interested." I mean....the worst thing that happens is they say no, which leaves me exactly in the same place as I am now. Nothing to lose.

But still nervous. 

I dropped my kids off at camp and drove to the first spot --- a new nursery that's opened up down the road, run by a husband and wife who are trying to make things happen for themselves. I've met her a few times and have always thought, "now that's a woman who is doing things...I want to stay connected with her!" (note: I have a bias for action-takers!)

So. I drive up. I'm practicing my little "pitch" in the car. Kind of nervous. Deep breaths. I'm going into this just assuming she's gonna say "no thanks" so that my expectations get totally neutralized.

I walk in.

----She's not there.-----

Won't be in until later in the morning.

So I get back in my car....and you know what? I'm not bummed. I'm not even nervous. 

I'm totally jacked up. Confident. I want to go find someone else to talk to. Right then. I'm jazzed. I feel ready. 

The act of simply walking up to that office....putting myself in the position of having to say what I wanted to say and ask what I wanted to ask....is all it took. It didn't take having the actual conversation to build my momentum --- it took only my complete willingness to put myself there.

Now I want to just go ask everyone. I don't feel as scared anymore.

My point?? It takes just one tiny little moment to get the ball rolling. Like pushing a giant boulder over the lip of a mountaintop.

Is there something you want to do which totally freaks you out or makes you nervous? I promise..... with every ounce of my being ..... that you just have to take that tiny first step and you'll be set. The floodgates will open.

Allegra SteinComment