On Clarity

I see and hear it so much:

"I'm looking for clarity!"  

"I need clarity!"


As if Clarity is this magic thing out there that we have to work for, or hunt down.


Here's what I think. I think our quest for "clarity" has become a convenient excuse, synonymous with "I don't want to make a decision."

Lack of clarity = living life at "Hell Maybe!" This never feels truly clear, because we're walking around constantly trying to pick and decide and feeling unsure.

What if the way to find "clarity" is to just keep making clear decisions. "Hell YES" or "Hell NO."

What if "clarity" isn't a feeling? What if it's just a thought you can choose to have whenever you want?

"I am clear."

"I know what I'm doing."

"Every choice that I make is the right choice the moment I make it."

What if "clarity" actually comes when you act from those better thoughts?

What if you upleveled your question from "when will I find clarity?" to "what action can I take right now that I'm clear on? What do I feel HELL YES about?"




Allegra SteinComment