An Evolution - YouMap®

I’m incredibly excited to announce that beginning August 15, 2019, I’ll be getting certified in the YouMap® framework and soon after offering YouMap® Profiles as a foundational coaching partnership in my practice.

YouMap® is a holistic self-discovery tool to uncover your strengths, values, preferred skills, and interests to visually illustrate what you do best that others need most.

The YouMap® process will reveal your four pillars of career satisfaction: strengths, values, motivating skills, and interests which, when aligned with your work, contribute to increased work productivity, quality, and fulfillment.

What we’ll uncover using your YouMap® will deeply inform the best, most aligned way to move forward on whatever journey you may be on. Yes, it’s incredibly useful if you’re considering a career shift - understanding your YouMap® Profile will help you achieve career clarity and communicate your value to employers or customers.

I’m also excited to explore its value as a tool and resource along life’s other paths. You know I love Big Ideas of all kinds, so if you’re on the cusp of something new I hope you’ll follow along - what’s coming is going to be incredibly valuable.

I’m ready to share everything with you that I learn along the way and will use this blog to capture key learnings and insights. Add your name to the list below to receive insights and updates through email.

(When YouMap® sessions DO become available [TBD - likely early fall!] I’ll give priority invitations to those on the list and a handful will be available at a reduced rate in exchange for feedback and to master the material. If you want to hear about those first be sure to add your name below!)

Allegra SteinComment