I’m a sucker for a good metaphor. I use them in almost every coaching conversation and session. I love finding the perfect metaphor to capture the essence of a problem or situation — they are clarifying, simplifying, and allow us to explore a topic without so much emotional heaviness.

One of my favorite’s?


I love picturing our coaching sessions happening in a warm, cozy, comfortable tent. When you’re within the four walls you are encouraged to relax, take a breath, slow down and let the noise and mental baggage of the outside world drift away.

When you’re with me at basecamp we’ll sit together by our fire. Perhaps we’ll brainstorm a bit. You’ll get to speak and share; I’ll listen and ask powerful questions to deepen your awareness of your own inner wisdom. You’ll get to reflect on the journey behind you and consider the steps ahead. You recharge, take some cleansing breaths. I’ll hold the space for you to sort through what’s on your mind and uncover new, potentially game-changing insights.

An then, at the end of our session I’ll imagine you putting your pack back on, heading back out in to the world to apply and experience all of the insights you discovered. To explore! Continue down the paths of life and experience your full alive-ness! Yes our conversation and the space we create together is powerful —— equal to that, as I see things, is what you then do in the world from that beautiful place. What adventures would you like to have? Where would you like to head next?

And how do you want to BE while on your climb?

With most of my clients we use the Voxer app to stay in touch between sessions. It reminds me of an actual Walkie Talkie that you can always use to reach out if you want to celebrate, get unstuck, brainstorm next steps while out on the trail. You are the hiker; I am the expedition leader, here for you whenever you need support along the way and with a wide-angle view of the experience you’re in.

I also encourage the cultivation of your own INNER base camp. That quiet, centered respite where you can slow down, stop, recenter. In my mind it’s the equivalent of taking off your backpack, lighting a good fire, and laying back to stare at the stars for a bit.

Basecamp is a place of reflection. Of intention setting. Of BEING amidst the doing that you’re up to. It is a place both to rest AND recharge. To slow down AND gear up.

(Need to stop at basecamp on your way to activating a new Idea? Consider a Whiteboard Session.)

Allegra SteinComment