About this journey you're on

I’ve realized something. This work that I do, that I coach to and celebrate and show up for — it’s about the journey, not the destination. I promise an adventure, not an outcome.

Yes, the idea of the destination lights me up — the big idea, dream, opportunity, shift. That is the reason we get started. That is the container within which we discover ourselves. That is the thing I want to champion and Activate.

But not for the sake of the ultimate outcome. I am not here to promise that you will reach some defined end goal. I don’t even think that’s the purpose of it all.

I am her for the sake of the JOURNEY. For the quality of your life - every day - as you embark upon this new adventure. That is what I will stand for.

The Unknown

Let’s go.

I am here for what you will learn about yourself in the Unknown. I am here for the resilience you’ll discover, the tenacity and grit you’ll foster, the creativity you’ll tap in to as you figure out what next step to take even when you think you have no idea what that might be. I’m here to encourage the learning, the discovery, the twists and the turns. I am here to help you shift your relationship to your fear, your doubt, the stories that you think are in your way.

Because it is ON THE PATH that you experience transformation and growth.

I believe that it’s in the space of Unknown that we find ourselves. And we don’t find ourselves at the END. We discover it every day.

And I am here for it. For you. To make sure you don’t spin off into overwhelm or stuckness. To hold up the mirror and remind you of your capability and capacity. To celebrate the excitement and wonder of it all when we really have no idea what’s going to happen next.

Let’s go.

Allegra SteinComment