What to do when you don't know what to do

Where do good ideas come from? 

Do you think your way to them?

Do you panic when you don't know what to do next? What's the secret to getting "unstuck"?

Consider for a moment that underneath all of your thoughts - the seemingly endless chatter that's been drawing your attention away for so long - is a wellspring of wisdom and fresh thinking. Your Thermal Vents (watch this!) are always down there in the quiet, settled space - an unlimited source of potential and New Thought.

What often happens when we feel stuck or there's a "problem" to be solved, either in life or in business, is that our thinking train kicks in to super high gear. We start to ruminate on the future, other people, the what-ifs, the interpretations (see yesterday's post for more on the kinds of thinking we're full of!)

We innocently believe that if we think ENOUGH we'll come upon an answer. And sometimes, actually, this works!! We can stress and fight overwhelm and anxiety and STILL find a possible answer.

What I want you to consider, though, is that it's possible to find that same answer -- or likely an even better one -- from a place that is calm, centered, and relaxed.

That in fact, you are MORE likely to figure out a next step or creative solution when you slow down (and encourage your team to slow down!), take some breaths, move around or get outside, and enjoy a cup of coffee and snack.

There's a reason your best ideas come to you in the shower, or while driving, or after a night out with friends. Your mind is quiet, and in that space is where you'll find your magic.

So then next time you Don't Know what to do, be okay with that. Settle down. Trust that it's IN the not knowing that you'll FIND the next idea.

Are you willing to try?

Allegra SteinComment