You Have No Idea What You're Thinking

Seriously --- you have NO idea how much you're actually thinking about and what constitutes that cloud of thoughts that are standing between you from your quiet center.

To name a few:

Time Travel Thoughts - all of your thoughts about the future, the past, worry, regret, what you "should have done", what you could do. What might happen. What something "means" about your future. Anything that's not NOW, literally, right in front of you, is a time-travel thought.

Right and Wrong Thoughts - thoughts that start with "should" or "have to". Judgements about yourself, other people, decisions, events in the world, things you did in the past. This category includes all of the thinking we do about there being a "right choice" and a "wrong choice". 

Thoughts about and Involving Other People - What they think, what we think about what they think, who's right and who's wrong.

Thoughts about Our Goals - What we'll feel/have/experience when we do certain things or have other stuff. Thoughts about "what we need to do" today as it relates to the future.

Interpretation Thoughts - "No one Liked My last FB post. What does that meaaann??"

And so on and...and so on...and so on.

What do YOU think about most?

Allegra SteinComment