Taking Action

I don't think we realize how much the next Action we take - or don't take - is dictated by Thinking.

Thoughts about other people, thoughts about the future and our future self, thoughts about what's "right" and what's "wrong" - (all of which are totally made up and figments of our imagination.)

The other day during Office Hours I was speaking with an awesome woman who has a product she'd like to sell locally. She knows that her product is amazing and likely will do well. She has the contacts to easily bring it all to life. What was getting in her way, though, was this thought: "but I'm just not good at balancing all of the money stuff."

That, right there, is a thought. It's a Judgement Thought about herself, and it's also a Future Thought. In that moment, she wasn't balancing money. She didn't have a checkbook in front of her or a pile of invoices to sort through. And yet her thought about that possible moment - the pretend vision she had about that imagined future - was keeping her from taking the step immediately in front of her, which was making a phone call to set up a meeting.

A version of this conversation has happened no fewer than five times this week. Brilliant, driven people who can identify what a next step could but get totally frozen in their thinking about an imagined future OR because of trying to navigate what someone ELSE will think and what that might mean, all of which is totally futile, not to mention of zero relevance.

When you become aware not only of the volume of thinking that's taking up your brain space but also of the ATTENTION you're paying to it and POWER you're turning over to it, you'll begin to more quickly notice when an action you could easily and simply take in the now is being sidelined only by Thought.

Allegra SteinComment