You're all taking action.

Up until this morning I was describing my dream client as an "action-taker".  Someone willing to DO what they needed to do to CREATE and GET what they want to have/feel/dream about.

It suddenly struck me, though, that we're all taking action. Every moment. 

We're all in 100% action, 100% of the time.

Even if all you do is sit around staring at Facebook all day or eating Cheetos on the couch, you're taking 100% action!

And as a result of that action, you're getting exactly what a very deep part of yourself wants. 

Because here's the thing - part of you wants nothing to change. It is comfortable when things stay predictable, reliable, safe, and secure. There might be a part that doesn't care whether you're inspired, vibrant, engaged, challenged, happy, or growing. 

And so when your action is INaction - or reliable, predictable, same-ole-same-old action - that special part of you is getting exactly. What. It. Wants. ---->  Nothing to change.

Some of you edge closer to 20/80. Your 20% is willing to dip your toe in the waters of change or challenge. You do the easy parts and can say that, "yes! I am making change!" But it's still safe. Plodding. The remaining 80% of your action stream is still just as it always has been - comfortable and familiar.

There are a bunch of you, though, who want to stop spending a majority of your action on keeping things the same. You're ready to break that effort up and commit to (or keep allocating!) a large part of it towards challenge, growth, experimentation, play, and discovery.

You're an 80-20 action taker. You're who I want.

So, it's no longer "I love action-takers!!"  -- because you're ALL action takers. Even those of you who are aware that staying comfortable is the space you're in right now.

Rather, I love deliberate action takers. Experimental action takers. Playful action takers. No-idea-what-might-happen-but-I'll-do-it-anyway action takers. Direct action takers. Change-inspired action takers.

You're the ones who light me up. You're the ones I want to talk to.



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