My Two Favorite Life Coaching Questions

Two of my favorite coaching questions, the ones which quickly get to the heart of it all:

1.  Why?  

Oh how I love "why".  Simple, powerful, direct.  This question will get you straight to the heart of the matter.  Asked in the right moment and you'll quickly uncover the underlying thoughts and beliefs behind your fears, your feelings, and ultimately the actions you take and results you experience in your life.

2.  So What?

 These two little words can really pull the juice out of a client.  "So WHAT??" they  want to fire back, especially when asked in response to someone else's behavior

example:  "My best friend in no way supports me going on this trip."  

"So what?"

Nice and laser-sharp.  What's incredibly significant about this question is that it quickly and efficiently highlights how much emotional control a client has put into the hands of someone else.

What are your favorite coaching questions? The ones which bring it all down to the essentials?  Share in the comments below!

Allegra Stein2 Comments