What is awareness?

I recently read Anita Moorjani's Dying To Be Me and found it fascinating;  a beautiful account of her near death experience following a ravaging bout of cancer and what she learned through it all.

Regarding awareness, Moorjani says:

Having awareness...just means realizing what exists and what's possible -- without judgement.  Awareness doesn't need defending.  

I love this.  

The reason clients choose to work with me longer term is because my main purpose and goal through coaching is to help people find awareness around their thoughts and beliefs.  It is an incredibly dynamic and at some times challenging task, honestly examining those parts of us which feel so cemented into place.  To explore these things is also life changing.

I encourage you to assume a position of wonder and curiosity as you examine how you choose to think and what results those thoughts create in your life.  

There is no place for judgement as you consider these things - simply realization and discovery.

Allegra SteinComment