The Cost of Regret

You'll regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did.
arthur brisbane

Let's examine REGRET for a moment.  Imagine for a second that you never fully CONSIDER this journey, much less take it.  You spend your whole life simply saying, “someday I’ll make this happen.”

Suppose that with every passing day you spend 15 minutes regretting not having taken at least some steps towards creating this Travel Experience for yourself.

Let's say you make $20/hour (perhaps it's less....hopefully it's more):

15 minutes of your time = $5.

That’s $5/day spent In Regret.

That’s $1825/year spent On Regret.

Spread out over a lifetime.........?  ouch.

Or you could work with me for an awesome bit, invest in your dream and yourself at a fraction-of-the-Cost-Of-Regret, and get on with it already.

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