Duration Based vs. Session Based Coaching

I recently had an Strategy Call with a potential client who wanted to work together for six months. After sharing the investment for our work together and what it would include she started to calculate how much that meant each session would cost.

But it doesn't work like that. Unlike a more traditional (and perhaps familiar) therapeutic model, this is not a per-session partnership.

Yes, during our scheduled conversations some powerful learning comes up. Lots of insights, listening, discovery, a-ha moments, coaching and exploration.

But it doesn't end there. In fact, in my partnerships, the most powerful work happens AFTER our sessions, when my client is out in the world, experimenting with her new tools and ideas, watching herself and how she thinks more closely, applying her insights to her experience of LIFE.

My coaching is Unlimited: between our scheduled sessions you can reach out to me any time - via email, Voxer, text. You can ask for a spot session (or I might suggest one - "let's talk!") and we'll fit in a phone call for a quick tune up. I am there --- for you --- as you take the tools from our "Apothecary" and use them in the real world.

A one month partnership is exactly that: AN ENTIRE MONTH. UNLIMITED.

Six months? UNLIMITED.

HERE'S THE CATCH: Coaching is a 200% partnership (credit to Rich Litvin for this idea). With my clients, I show up 100%. Not only during our scheduled sessions, but in all the in between times. The whole shebang.

But for this work to be as powerful as it can be, you have to agree to also show up 100%. Not just during our sessions, but during those moments when life gets REAL and our work gets put into play. You have to be willing to experiment, to reflect, to deliberately use the tools that we explore and put into place during our sessions. Because in real life is where the real magic happens.

The "100% IN" Quiz:

  • Are you committed to showing up powerfully, with me and for yourself, for our coaching sessions?
  • Are you willing to hear new ideas and get curious about yourself and how your thinking works, even if it feels uncomfortable?
  • Are you willing to experiment,  to deliberately slow down and look at what's happening within you - perhaps for the first time ever! - during your week?
  • Are you willing to show up authentically, to speak your truth even if it freaks you out a little bit?
  • Are you willing to start taking full responsibility for how you feel and the actions you take in your life?
  • Are you willing to explore your edges, to do the things that make you a bit uncomfortable for the sake of your own personal discovery and growth?
  • And are you willing to ask questions, to engage, to take full advantage of the partnership we'll create in order to bring you towards what you're looking for?

If you answered "yes" to all of those questions, we're on to something special.

Allegra SteinComment