The Coaching Apothecary

Imagine an apothecary. Bottles, jars, vessels, lining the walls. I stand at the glass counter, the wall of canisters and flasks behind me.

People come and visit when something in their life isn't quite how they want it to be. There's a change they'd like to make, something different they'd like to have/do/be. They might feel stuck, overwhelmed, or like something isn't quite right.

We start with a discovery conversation. I ask them to lay everything on the counter - the light, the dark, the mundane. I want to know all of the details. I listen deeply.

At that point I'll suggest a next step - I'll invite them to try a free sample, give them an article to read, or send them to the pharmacy down the block.

For some, though, the Apothecary will be the perfect place for what they're looking for and I'll invite them to take a seat.

After letting it all marinate I turn back to my wall of potions and powders and pull out the perfect combination of bottles to share with that individual. No two people are the same so no two people get the same set of remedies.

I explain how the spirits work and how they can use them. We dive in even more powerfully, explore how these elixirs may change and shift things. We put different recipes into the crucible and grind it all around, see what new and unexpected things are created during our visit together. Alchemy ensues.

My client leaves feeling listened to, supported, inspired and committed to trying out their new collection of potions in the coming week.

Before she steps out the door I remind her that during that time she can reach out to let me know how it's going, if the prescription is helping or not, to get a little tune up or check in. The Apothecary doesn't go anywhere just because she's leaving. "I'm here. Swing back in any time."

A week or two later she steps back up to the counter and we start again.

Clients work with me when they want a change or when they crave something different than what they've been experiencing. Sometimes they have a Big, Scary Idea that they're ready to take action on but feel quite stuck on or overwhelmed by.

Sometimes they're craving a return to their own Home Base, where they can settle down, break free of the constant barrage of work and life, start saying YES to themselves and reconnect with their own wisdom and creativity.

And SOMETIMES my clients are quite literally moving or traveling somewhere new and need a partner along for the emotional roller coaster of that experience. An Apothecary in their back pocket, so to speak.

Where in your life are you looking for an elixir of change? I'm here in the Apothecary, waiting for you to stop in. The door is always open if you'd like to discover more. Click here to come in and chat.

Allegra SteinComment