Idea #2: Open up a Crystal Shop

IDEA: "I want to create someone out of my life-long love of crystals - maybe even open up a crystal shop!"

PRE-WBS IDEA STATUS: This had been a long time passion which was finally ready to surface as something tangible. It felt so different from her "expected" path that it was hard to see how it could all happen! The passion was there but the clarity around what to do next and how to take this big idea and turn it into something actionable felt pretty overwhelming.

KEY MICROACTIONS: create an Instagram account; talk to other shop owners about the crystal/stone business; tell more people in her inner circle about her passion and big idea.

RESULTS: Idea Activated! As a result of not only speaking her idea out loud but also being willing to take steps in the direction of her long-thought-about idea - as well as the fears that were in her way - the ball got rolling. Through consistent microaction grounded in a deep passion for this work this idea continues to steadily evolve.

TO FOLLOW ALONG She has since begun sharing her wisdom and love of crystals and stones on Instagram and is launching her shop over on etsy! Be sure to support the journey!


Coach Notes: Once again, this one felt like a big shift for my client. Unexpected. Totally different. A new path! My client has been steeped in her current business and industry for many years so this idea - to pursue her love of crystals and possibly open up her own crystal shop - felt different, scary, and bold. When she first mentioned it to me I got so excited for her and immediately said, "we have GOT to do a Whiteboard Session around this!!"

During our WBS she was able to lay out all of the reasons that she loved this new direction, what it meant to her to create the space to see something new and different come of it, and a list of micro-actions she could take to start moving things out of idea-ville and into experiment-land.


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