Heartwarming Movies for the Homesick and Heartbroken

It's okay to feel sad, you know.

Pure, clean sadness is part of living. It happens when you lose something or someone that you love. And I think we'd all agree that the sadness is worth having the chance to love so deeply.

Loss is a part of moving. Whether you're saying "see you soon" to a friend, family, a place or thing that meant something special - the sadness and grief of leaving are simply a different side of the same relocation coin (the other side being the excitement of going.)

It's okay to just sit with that sadness. To let yourself feel it. It's nothing to be scared or, or feel guilty about.

You lost something you loved.


On those days when we choose to simply hold on to that sad space, sometimes all we need is something familiar. Something comfortable. Something ... heartwarming. 

Like a movie.

A sweet, gentle, awesome movie -- the kind we could watch over and over -- to help us sink a bit into the unreal. Removed. Uplifting. Not too sad -- we're not trying to make a hard day even harder -- but just enough balance of perfect moments to really hit us where we need it in an awesome, warm way.

Here are a few of my favorites, including the moments that make it magical:

  1. Shawshank Redemption. The last moment on the beach. And the beer on the roof.
  2. Goonies. "This is OUR time!" and Data and his Dad.
  3. Back to the Future. The bulletproof vest.
  4. A Christmas Story. Getting the gun.

This is a tiny start. I need your help to build it. Please share your movie and its magic moment in the comments below and let's make this the greatest list of heartwarming movies ever in all of time. 


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