Moving for Love? Start here.

Moving for love. It's a doozy. So much hope -- conviction -- certainty -- fear.

All mussed up in a big jingle jangle of questions and emotion.


I've scoured the web and dug in to the content of some of my favorite people out in the interwebz right now. I encourage you to click on through and enjoy some fabulous and fun reading as you ponder your Romantic Relocation.


Sarah VonBargen of Yes and Yes hosted this awesome piece by Corinne Lynskey of Frock and Roll, offering some straight-up, real-world advice about how not to kill one another.  Love the candor.


Kira Sabin of Start Traveling Light might be one of my new favorite online people and I want to share all of her stuff. This one in particular highlights how important it is NEVER to assume that someone else knows what we're thinking or feeling --- you gotta talk that stuff out, my friends, if you have any hope of being understood.  Moving is HUGE trigger for self discovery (and confusion!) so keep that communication clear and open.


This piece by Rachel Wilkerson gives some awesome questions to consider BEFORE you make your big decision. Owning your decision is clutch if this is going to work out, and thinking about what is going to change before you move is a great way to soften the transition.


An incredibly insightful and SO TRUE! response from Cary Dennis about how to handle -- and sometimes just be at peace with -- the intense emotional push and pull of choosing one place over another. Sometimes there is simply no perfect solution.


Rachel Buell offers some super fresh suggestions for rebuilding your social network in a new place. I particularly love "Never Say No" and "Go It Alone."  Oh and "Say Something."  Heck -- I love them all.


This spot-on piece by Brooke Castillo is a wonderful reminder that the most IMPORTANT relationship you have is the one you build and maintain with yourself. Lucky for you, it ain't going nowhere, no matter where you move to. So keep on with that self-care and personal awareness --- you're the most stable relationship and safe space you've got.


Have you ever moved for love? Share your lessons and advice in the comments below!


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