say map do

As you may have surmised, I'm a fan of ideas. Big ideas, little ideas, secret things you've wanted to do for years but never said out loud. Some of the latest ideas that have lit me up include:

  • "I want to start a flower farm!"
  • "I want to create a zine!"
  • "I want to leave the kids at home and hike the El Camino with my husband."
  • "I want to run an authentic French food experience and retreat in the countryside of  France."
  • "I want to make chocolates!"

(That last one was a particularly fun moment because when I told her I like to help awesome women bring their big ideas to life she smiled and said, "oh that's great. I don't have a big idea ... but I have a little one!" And then she told me about wanting to make and sell chocolates and I realized the corner I may have backed myself in to by describing an idea as "big.")

Perhaps a better name is terrexcitifying. Exciting but scary. Usually preceded by the phrase, "what I really want to do is...."

My favorite way to help people workshop those ideas and put them in to action is with a Whiteboard Session - a one week, supercharged coaching partnership that is designed to get you your of your head and in to motion, free of overwhelm and overthinking and grounded in clarity and focus.

(They're amazing. They work. And I invite you take a look and apply here.)

After running many of these sessions over the past few months I've noticed that the underlying structure and process of the Whiteboard Session experience can be broken down in to three main steps:




There really is no secret behind all of this. The clients who experience the most profound shifts simply do three things: Say what they want, Map out a plan, and then Do that plan. 

With this in mind I asked myself, "why not just tell everyone how to do it for themselves??"

So that's what the Say Map Do workshop is about: showing you the details behind the very simple system and backbone that I bring in to the Whiteboard Sessions so that you can do it all on your own.

It's the secret sauce, so to speak, and I'm handing it over. Click below for details and register.