thought storms

There's nothing like a thought storm. A brain tornado. Those moment (or days!) when it feels like your mind - and your emotions - are in an upheaval.

We get ourselves in to even more trouble when we think we can control this mental weather. Or when we JUDGE ourselves for these surges of mental and emotional energy.

But --- just like the actual weather --- you have zero control over your thought tornados. Stop trying so hard to wrestle them to the ground.

Instead, practice noticing when a storm has hit. Notice the emotions that indicate a thought storm is brewing. 

And when you find yourself in a hurricane of thinking, try not to STOP it, but rather let yourself step outside of the storm and OBSERVE it. Patiently. Compassionately. Curiously. Just like you would through the window of your kitchen as the rain and winds blow by. 

You are not the weather. You are the sky.