Ideas don't have a size

The other day I was telling my yoga teacher about the work I do. I said, "I love helping women take action on their big ideas." She was intrigued, very supporting and kind, and then said, "well I have an idea...but it's a little idea."

I asked her what it was and she replied, "I want to make chocolates!"

Now -- to ME in that moment I thought, "that is TOTALLY a big idea! I want to help you make that happen!" More importantly I realized that the label I have been putting on it, this suggestion that there is a SIZE requirement, might be limiting the conversations I'm having with people.

I talk a lot about Big Ideas. I have a Big Idea Club. I like to help women bring their Big Ideas to life through Whiteboard Session partnerships.

AND I also know that sometimes people feel like they can't engage because they don't think their idea is "big enough".

Even just putting the label of "Big" on something suggest that there is a standard of measurement, a mythical set of rules that will help determine if an idea is of the right size to work on together.

But there isn't. What really matters is how the idea makes you FEEL -- does it make you giggle a bit? Is it terrexcitifying? Does it feel like a secret, like it's a hidden little gem you want to protect and hold on to? Does it feel "big" in your heart even if you think everyone else might call it "tiny"? FORGET about "big" or "little"!

What is that thing you really REALLY want to do?


Allegra Stein1 Comment