I need to hire Me right now

I am brimming over with ideas and questions and possibilities for my business. There are. so. many. things.  It is much like that space you might be in, trying to figure out how in the world you're going to make sense of this amazing pool and swirl of ideas you have about a move you're dying to make.

I find myself wishing I had another ME to coach me.

I need someone with whom to toss around ideas.

Someone who will brainstorm with me and share new perspective.

Someone who can get inside my head a bit and help me find peace amidst the this awesome mind-storm I'm living through.

A calming, clarifying, engaged voice to whom I can talk and talk and talk about all of this STUFF I have inside, but who also isn't afraid to interrupt and call me out on my craziness.

Someone with whom I can find some sense within my own self.  A confidence. A direction.  A clear path.

I can do this so well for others.  It's like second nature taking someone into this space.

Right now I need Me for myself.


Allegra SteinComment