The Best Advice I Was Ever Given

On my 20th birthday, a dear family friend said to me: 

The best advice I can give you in your 20s is don't get married until you're 30.

I laughed a bit at the remark, but ultimately I found in it a deep and beautiful truth.

And what I have recently realized is that those words of wisdom were about so much more than not getting hitched too early.

They were a directive.  To embrace life on my own terms.  To make decisions for myself and noone else.  To take advantage of the opportunities I was going to have for personal growth, discovery, and adventure.

To focus on my self, listen to my inner voice, and run down what I knew to be my Right Path.

That's not to say that I didn't allow myself to cultivate deep and lasting relationships with people.  I learned about myself through those partnerships as much as I did on my solo adventures.

What mattered most, though, was not giving into the fears I had about what it meant to focus on myself.  


  • Who will I be on my own?
  • What if I never find anything like this again?
  • How can this ever work?


What mattered was deciding to leap even though I had no idea what the net below would feel like.

And trusting that the net even existed in the first place.


Allegra SteinComment