The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Sometimes a hard-boiled egg peels perfectly.  A few taps, a few cracks and chips, and voila -- the entire shell comes off smoothly.  It's a glorious egg-day when it goes down like that.

(One trick is to submerge your boiled eggs into an ice water bath immediately after pouring off the boiling water.  I imagine it has something to do with contraction.)

Sometimes, though, getting the shell off an egg is one of the most frustrating, tedious tasks.  Tons of cracks, tiny chips which barely come off.  You know that underneath that filmy membrane is your beautiful, smooth, white egg -- but in the meantime you have to keep running it under fresh water, picking away at the shell, and hoping that your next peel will be your last.

Your travel destination and who you'll be when you get there is like that glowing, white, peeled egg.   The work you must do to get there is the peeling.

For some of you, getting that shell off will be almost perfect.  A few little hitches here and there, a crack or two, the stray chip of life to pick off.  But ultimately a glorious, clean transition.

For others, the shell will fight back.  You'll spend a lot of time dealing with smaller shards, picking at tinier cracks, and fighting through the membrane to get to that sweet spot.

In the end, you'll be where you want to be.  You'll have the peeled egg.

How you get there, though, and how you choose to peel your own shell, is completely within your control.