The Feeling of Rightness

Whenever I first meet with a client I like to tell them about some of my own personal adventures.  The primary reason I do this is to share my understanding of the space they're in as they try to move towards their own adventurous visions.

What I try to convey to them about that time -- that KNOWING space -- is that, at the core, the journey I was committing to just felt like The Right Path.

Sometimes we don't know why it is that we're pulled in a particular direction.  I think we figure it out as we get closer, especially as our friends and family keep pushing us with questions like, "why in the world do you want to do that??"

At the heart of it, though, is this intangible, simple feeling of Rightness.

Like a pinprick of light.

Can you relate to this sense of Rightness?  What imagery do you associate with this core feeling?

Allegra SteinComment