What you get from me. And other things I learned from my first workshop.

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I hosted my first workshop last night.

I decided early on that if these people were going to pay to be there, I was going to give them the whole enchilada.  The secret sauce. The method behind my coaching madness.

It was a small, intimate, perfect little group.  I dove right in, showing them the simple little model that I use in the background of all my sessions.

Some participants stayed quiet (but attentive!) the whole time.  Others were very engaged, sharing their own stories and pushing back with questions and curiosity.

It was awesome, and I find myself today very reflective on what I have learned from it.

1.  I am totally science minded.  

This isn't a surprise -- it's what I studied and taught.  It is fascinating, though, to see it materialize through this work.  I see things in SUCH a clear, step-wise manner.  Even the way I structured a little graphic in my workbook reflected a very to-the-point, linear way of thinking.  It's like the steps in a "Method" list.  If B follows A.  And C follows B.  Then C must also follow from A.  Stuff like that.  An equation.

2.  I approach coaching in a very practical, straightforward way.  

I cut to the chase.  Remain The Watcher.  Respond to someone's story clearly and without much fanfare.  I'm very much like a teacher in that way.

3.  That said, I share my perspective with understanding and compassion.  

With every conversation I have it gets more and more ingrained that what I have to offer someone is from a place of non-judgement, neutrality, and a real fascination with how our minds and thoughts work.

4.  I love things in little, short bits.  

Appetizers.  Samples. (Oh how I love samples).  My new 20-for-20 program is built around this, and I find myself driven to provide a face-to-face option for those kinds of coaching interactions.  That piece is in the works.

5.  I consider myself more a Thought Coach than a Life Coach.  

What I really love most is hearing someone's story and picking out the pieces, seeing -- so clearly -- how it all fits together,  and pointing out the role that their THINKING plays in all of it.  

I do think it's a superpower, actually, how vividly I can see that.  

6. You get ME in our work together.

Essentially, how I present my work is as important as what I'm sharing.  It's about building relationships, the foundation of which rests upon the synergy of values, idiosyncrasies, and passions between me and my clients.

It's quite a beautiful thing when it all comes together.

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