My Coaching Equation

The foundation of my work is in this simple formula:

The magic equation.

The magic equation.

That's it.  Five little words. 

One of my Superpowers is in being able to listen to the stories you tell me and figure out how it all fits in to that formula (I told you I was a Scientist, right?)

Seriously.  Any and every little element of your life can be broken down in this way.  It's simple, but not easy.


These are the things in your life which are completely out of your control in the present moment and can be proven in a court of law.  The Text you get on your phone.  The words that come out of your boss' mouth. The numbers on your paycheck.  A plane ticket confirmation.  There is no emotion attached to a Circumstance -- just clear, solid facts.


This is your interpretation of a Circumstance.  Usually presented as a single phrase.  These can't be proven by anyone.  They are only true if you think they are true.  They are the singular part of the equation which is in your control.  Your BELIEFS are simply thoughts you've had for a long time and are usually deeply ingrained, usually to the point of dis-awareness.

Thoughts can be difficult to pinpoint.  To find them, ask yourself "So what??" about the Circumstance or "Why?" about your Feeling.


Happy.  Sad.  Frustrated. Calm,  Accepting. Single words representing the emotion and vibration in your body you have in response to your thoughts.  The place of Feelings in the equation is an incredibly critical step to work through and where a lot of my clients like to push back.

Your feelings are based on your thoughts.  They do not follow automatically from your Circumstances.  Something happens, you have a thought about it, and the thought generates a feeling.  Period.  If it were the case that a Circumstance caused a Feeling, than we'd all feel exactly the same way about every event, which is not the case.


The Actions you take in life are driven by your Feelings.  How you behave when you're feeling inspired is much different than how you act when you feel afraid.  Inaction is an Action.  


How things turn out following your Actions.  Results can be tangible, or they can be a new feeling, or a change in the world.  Where you are in your life, right this moment, is the Result of every previous Thought, Feeling, and Action you've ever chosen for yourself.

And that's it. Five little pieces.  Coming up next I'll tackle each piece at a time as it relates to your travel ideas. 

Pausing for Questions and Comments.  Share below!


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