The Current Direction

Since my work has been a constant evolution since I first started down this coaching journey 5 years ago, I figured it was time to update you on the coaching I'm doing today and who I'm doing it with.

I work with only a small number of one-on-one clients at any time and no matter the duration of our work together - whether one week or six months - my coaching is Unlimited.

The women I work with are driven, ambitious, and nurturing big ideas - action takers, visionaries, women who know how to get things done and make things happen. They are resourceful, curious, tenacious, and have had and want to continue to have an impact - both through their work and in their own lives.

(And if you're thinking, "wait! That's me!", I'm talking to you.)

At this time I'm offering two types of coaching partnerships.

Big Idea Partnerships

These powerful partnerships last over 3-6 months and are offered to women with Big, Scary ideas who are ready to commit to their vision and seek support along that journey.

Big Idea clients are ready to take a leap; they're looking for support through their fear, doubt and overwhelm and in finding clarity, taking action, brainstorming, focus and staying centered amidst that period of change, discovery, growth and transition.

My primary role is to help my clients calm down and stay tapped in to to their innate wisdom and brilliance, to create a space where they can spot both their own creativity AND their own noise. 

As a result of these partnerships my clients have started movements, written books, moved across the country, transitioned into new leadership roles, and made career changes, all from a place of centeredness and calm rather than in a space of overwhelm and stress.

These longer term partnerships include Unlimited Coaching for the duration of our partnership and are driven by the vision that the client holds for herself and commits to.

You know how when you take a shower and the bathroom mirror ends up all foggy, then you go to put on makeup or brush your hair? You can see the outline, a blurred image of what you look like. Allegra’s sort of like the hand that wipes away the fog so I can see myself more clearly.

I trust Allegra, and when we work together, I end up feeling more effective and confident.

Decompression Intensive -- NEW! 

This partnership is designed for those women who are ready to experience their success and work from a place free of overwhelm, stress, and chronic overthinking and hyper-connectivity (i.e. can't put the phone down need to stay busy!).

For these ambitious women, it's not action or work that's the problem -- they do big things all the time! Their edge is in slowing down, creating space within themselves, and making their own well being a priority.

This short term, intensive partnership teaches a new understanding of overwhelm and how we can more calmly handle our own thinking and emotions. Clients walk away with a new and profound understanding behind how we work and where our best ideas come from.

As a result of these Intensives my clients are able to calm down, tap back in to their natural source of wellness, intelligence, centeredness, and creativity, and experience their lives from a new space of clarity and calm.

When I started working with Allegra I was Overfilled & Unfulfilled.

Because of our work I’ve discovered that I need to play more. I’ve realized that my world is always revolving around trying to reach some sort of unattainable perfection and that I need to let myself play and have fun with everything I do! Stop taking life so seriously! I am excited to have found that part of myself again.

Quite simply, I was overwhelmed and looking to create space; Allegra helped me figure out how to create more of what I want and less of what I don’t want.

Condensed and powerful, a Decompression Intensive includes 3 sessions over a week-long partnership, an additional month of Unlimited Coaching support and 2 follow up tune-up sessions.

(Decompression Intensives are also available for small teams. Please inquire.)

If this sounds like you -- or someone you know -- we should talk. Click here for more.