When you move and suddenly have no friends

Here's something I've learned: when we're in a rough spot, we tend to think that we're the ONLY one who is in that position.


In all of time.

Who could possibly understand the loneliness? The confusion? This isolation we're experiencing?

And why is it it suddenly so damn hard to make new friends?

Last summer I ran some focus groups for about 25 women who had recently relocated - I really wanted to better understand their experience and their struggles, what was working and what wasn't.

Over the 5 or 6 phone calls I hosted, a common thing would happen:  At some point all of the women would all acknowledge, with a sigh of relief, how NICE it was to talk to other women who had been through, or were currently IN, a similar experience.


Some of them, for the first time since their relocation, experienced a palpable measure of relief at knowing that someone out there GOT it. 

They had found their kindred movers. Their compadres. People who KNOW.

Finding a common place of social understanding is incredibly important. And when you first move, when your identity is all peeled away and you've got this glowing core whispering into the void..."Hello? is anyone out there? This is so difficult.....Hello??", sometimes all it takes to start feeling better is that moment of connection with some who is also in it. And gets it.

From March 12-14 I'm hosting a workshop for 10 women who are struggling to rebuild a social life and are feeling the need to connect, both with others and with themselves again. Here you'll find that beautiful spark of camaraderie and understanding, as well as some tools, strategies, and coaching to help you start wrangling your relocation instead of feeling like your relocation is railroading you.

Limited spots are still available. Click here (allegrastein.com/relocation-remedy) for more info and to sign up! 


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