How Louis C.K. strengthened my friendships in 1 minute 36 seconds

Leaving friends and family is one of the crummiest parts of moving and travel.

I've been there countless times and it sucks. 

It's especially painful if you believe that the only way to maintain and strengthen a friendship is if you live in the same town.

Well, my BFF and I have lived apart for almost 20 years and I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

The trick, I've found, is to find new and creative ways of maintaining those feelings of CONNECTION, which is really all that we're looking for, right?

Here's one quick way I worked on that this week. Thanks in advance to Louis C.K. for 1) being incredible and 2) showing up in my NY Times this past weekend.

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Your challenge: send something off. Today.

It can be one word on a scrap of paper. You know...that one word which can send you and your friend into a fit of laughter but mean nothing to the annoyed bystander standing next to you? 

Write it down. Envelope and stamp it up. And laugh when you drop it in the mailbox. That's all it takes.

You game? Share YOUR friendly mailing idea in the comments below.

Then send this video along to your long distance buddy and commit to one mailing/month. GET CREATIVE. Connect.