From Idea Land To ActionVille

Whatever emotions you experience today, remember that they are telling you nothing about your world, your work, your projects, your future, your potential, your worth --- and everything about your thinking in that moment.

And that is all.

Often times we're so caught up in our thinking about our ideas and how we want it to unfold, that we start to attach ourselves to the ideal we created with our thoughts.

We tend to forget that baby steps is what move us forward. A "big leap" always begins with an almost imperceptible change in pressure in one's foot. If you're feeling stuck, bring your gaze back down to the ground beneath your feet and ask yourself, "What is the tiniest step forward?"

Give yourself permission to only focus on that micro action. Then take it.


An open invitation

If you're having trouble discerning what your next micro step could be, I invite you to have a conversation with me. Often times all it takes is a fresh perspective to get out of a perceived rut.

Allegra SteinComment