The 100 Ideas Project

Dear friend,

Something new is rolling out in the coming year: The 100 Ideas Project

A bit of backstory:

If you've been following my work over the past few months you've noticed a couple of new things coming to the surface:

First, I've been developing and refining a new tool within my coaching practice: The Whiteboard Session. A week long unlimited coaching partnership grounded in a two hour deep dive coaching conversation, Whiteboard Sessions have activated an assorted collection of amazing ideas over the past four months: starting a flower farm, planning and embarking on a 2 month solo road trip, pursuing a lifelong dream to act, developing social justice work within a local police force, and more. (For more about the Whiteboard Session and to read more detailed case studies and testimonials click here.)

Second, I have totally embraced my love of a very simple thing: Ideas. Fun ideas, creative ideas, quirky ideas, terrexcitifying ideas. 

What most lights me up is when someone tells me about that thing that they "really want to do." Sometimes it's a personal idea, sometimes a professional one. Sometimes it looks like a speeding up and taking action (Doing), sometimes like a slowing down and creating personal space (Being). Some ideas are actually an evolution of OTHER ideas. Sometimes the idea feels like a secret until the person finally speak it out loud to me.

I love those moments. Saying yes to a new idea - taking new action, being willing to get curious and to experiment and to try things out - has the power to transform us. It's happened to me and I've witnessed it happen to many others through our work together.

I've also been incredibly inspired by the book Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Gilbert shares beautiful wisdom around creativity, fear, and living a bold life. Her words ABOUT ideas themselves resonate deeply: ideas are out there, looking for the right person to bring them to life. Ideas don't come from us, they come THROUGH us, and our work is in staying open, listening, and being willing to take action when an idea comes to us that makes us feel something.

Ideas are alive...ideas seek the most available human collaborator...ideas have a conscious will...ideas move from soul to soul... ideas will always try to seek the swiftest and most efficient conduit to the earth (just as lightning does)...ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

We all have a responsibility to our ideas! To nurture and care for and stand up for them even when our fear doesn't want us to.

You know the Lorax who stands for the trees? Well...I stand for the ideas!  

So here's the plan:10 months: 100 ideas

From September, 2018 through June, 2019 I am a commitment to activating 100 new ideas - other people's awesome ideas - using the tools I have created within my coaching practice: Whiteboard Sessions and longer term Coaching Partnerships.

Why #the100ideaproject?

1. The selfish reason: Because I LOVE when someone tells me about what they really want to do and I get to help them do that thing. I want to see more creative, impactful, and transformative experiences come to life in the world. My way of impacting the world looks like helping others say YES more to the ideas that inspire them.

2. Because ideas bring us to life and transform us in magical ways.

3. Your idea chose you for a REASON -- why not trust it and see where it wants to take you?

4. The ripple effect: Saying yes to your ideas inspires others to say yes to theirs. So let's contribute to a world of people doing really cool stuff with their one and only life.

Your life is short and rare and amazing and miraculous, and you want to do really interesting things and make really interesting things while you’re still here.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

What next? There are a number of ways for you to stay involved, from playing in the game to cheering from the bleachers:

1.  If YOU have an idea you want to explore, let's talk. Not sure if it's something worth talking about? Let's talk anyway. We'll get on the phone for 15 minutes, give your ideas some space to breath, and if it feels like the right fit we'll get you and your idea into a Whiteboard Session, the ultimate idea activator.  Click here to set that up.

2. Have a friend who is sitting on an AMAZING idea that you think should be out in the world already? Send them this way, share this post with the note, "you should do this!!", tag them on Instagram, encourage them to say hi or join the list (below).

3. Just want to watch, get inspired, and support the ideas and their people? Awesome! To follow along be sure to connect on Instagram and follow along with the #100ideasproject hashtag. Check out the Idea Gallery as it continues to grow. Be sure to follow along and support the various ideas that get started this coming year!! And sign up below to stay in the loop about new ideas as they get activated.

Thank you for your love and support!




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