i am the ocean

I love metaphors. One of my favorites is the ocean.

At the top are the waves, the energy, the weather. The storms. The movement. None of it in our control. The best we can do at the top, really, is lay on our backs and float over whatever may come our way. If it's either that or thrashing around in the chop, choking on the sale, I'll take floating.

I encourage you to float, even if the days are rough. Some people consider the roughest days on the ocean some of the most beautiful.

And sometimes all we can rely on is knowing that rough seas always come back to calm.

Just underneath the surface, however, is an almost infinite depth of calm and quiet and richness. Life. Dark. Quiet but dynamic. Silent and vibrant. All one has to do to reach that place is relax. Sink down. Let go.

At the bottom of the abyss are thermal vents, where nutrient and energy rich plumes of material break through the ocean floor. It's the good stuff. Just like your best ideas show up when you're least trying to find them, when your mind is quiet and settled and seemingly "empty", so, too, the thermal vents --- pockets of magic in a vast landscape of stillness.

I am the ocean. So are you.