look up

My family and I have been watching One Strange Rock on the NatGeo channel and it has completely shifted how I see the world. Earth. Our place in the universe. I hope you go find and watch it.

I look up at the sky now and have a completely different sense of my size, how close I actually am to the vacuum of space, how microscopically tiny we all are. It's mind boggling.

Adding to this, yesterday I listenedd to an episode of the Coaches Rising podcast with Staci Hines where she spoke of embodied change and somatic coaching.** At one point she talked about how we've all gotten so used to looking DOWN at our screens --- our range of focus and experience has become condensed into this tiny little square of metal and plastic. 

She reminded me of the power of looking UP, of reconnecting to the vastness of the sky, nature, of our PART of and BEING in the world. I found it beautiful.

So last night, while my son brushed his teeth, rather than sitting on my bed and staring in to my phone while waiting for him, I walked out on to my balcony, looked up in to the sky, listened to the birds, marveled at the changing colors of the clouds in the sunset, and let the expanse of it all soak underneath my skin.

You ARE nature. Look up in to it. Let it work its magic.

**Side note. I've recently signed up for the Coaches Rising Power of Embodied Transformation training and am SO EXCITED to bring these skills into my coaching practice and work with you. Woot!