ALL THE BIG IDEAS (and the last workshop of the year)

I've put together a summary note of the different content I put out there this past week to help YOU slow down to do your greatest work. Some highlights:


An insight about big ideas in my Campfire Conversations Facebook Group

This past week, I did my very first LIVE video inside the group and explored campfires as a metaphor for creating big ideas. Click to watch → 


Some notes from Instagram

Please don't underestimate the power of slowing down, taking a break, having no new ideas and nothing to do. As one of my clients realized recently, it's critical to your life to be in it.

So yes, create and enjoy productivity when you're tapped in to it, but don't forget to be still and slow down for no other purpose than to be still and slow down. And as much as possible, don’t make that stillness conditional or put expectations on it, i.e. “I’m going to slow down so that I can have my next great idea!” It’s okay to rest there for no reason at all.

You got this.



November 16th at 1.30PM EST

I'll be hosting another free foundational class over on Zoom this week, sharing my three most favorite tools to help you move from a place of overwhelm, overthinking, and overdoing into calm, clarity, creativity and centered-ness! This will be the last workshop I run in 2017. So if you missed it last week, I'd love to have you this Thursday.

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