Had a big a-ha in the past few days.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a total crock.

You know why?

Because you're ALWAYS going to be missing out on something. Every moment of every day you're missing out. No matter WHAT YOU DO, you'll be missing out on something else.

Going to work? You'll miss out on staying home.

Staying home? You'll miss out on what happens at the workplace.

Head out with the girls for a night? You'll miss out on relaxing on the couch and going to bed early.

Staying all up in someone else's business? You'll miss out on tending to your own.

Buying a plane ticket to New Zealand? You'll miss out on going to France.

You're chronically missing out on 99.9999% of what's out there in the world to do. No matter what you choose to do next.

So stop using it as a crutch. Stop using it as an excuse NOT to decide on something. Get into action. Today.

Your fear of missing out is like fearing that the sky is blue or that the sun will come up. It's a sure thing. So let go of the tension around trying to figure it out or solve it somehow. Set your FOMO free.

And pick something. ‪#‎nofomo‬

Allegra SteinComment