Thoughts, feelings and kicking fear to the curb


Today's guest post is by Joanna Byrne.  Joanna is an experienced Business, Executive and Personal coach who helps people get clear, build confidence and take action towards creating a life and career that they desire. You can find her at

We’re moving! Again!

This next one will be the third for me this year. In the last 12 months I have gone from Ireland, to Japan, to China, which is where I am now. In 6 weeks time, we are on the move again. This time, I hope, for a longer stint. While this is an extreme case, moving isn’t new to me. It’s been a part of my life always. As a child, growing up, we moved 4-5 times. As an adult, I moved away from home to go to University, and then for jobs and career advancement, and then for love.

Even so, adventures can be scary. Moving can be scary. Uprooting yourself (and possibly your family too), leaving friends, family, community, and the comfort of the familiar can be daunting. There are so many unknowns, uncertainties, unpredictables.

Usually, when a move opportunity presents itself, you have some time to prepare. Preparation comes in two forms, the physical packing up and shipping off, and the emotional closing of one part of your life in preparation for the next.

You have to choose to use that time wisely.

Fear and anxiety have an unhappy habit of creeping up on us at times like this. When we are faced with a new challenge, and a new environment, outside of our comfort zone, those niggling thoughts of ‘what if it doesn’t work out’ or ‘what if I don’t like it’ can build and gain momentum unless we take control.

Take it from me, I know all about this one. Me and fear, we have a history. He’s challenged me on many an occasion. I’ve spent days, weeks, more… thinking about what if’s and risks. Those thoughts have spiraled, making me feel anxious, worried and loose sleep. But I can tell you; it was never as bad as all the imaginings in my head would have me believe. Fact. Never once. My experience so far has taught me this: the fear and anxiety in anticipation of doing something is almost always far worse than the reality of doing it.

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So take control of your thoughts. Become aware of how you are thinking about your upcoming move: the excitement, the fear, the energy, the anxiety, the newness, and the worry. Thoughts cause our body to feel emotions. By choosing what thoughts to focus on, you are empowering yourself to feel good about your upcoming move. Try to only allow yourself to ponder upon thoughts that lead to encouraging, positive feelings towards your impending change.

And when you are finding it hard to banish those negative thoughts, ask yourself this one question: ‘Is it true?’ Is what you are allowing yourself to think true? Is there any evidence to support it? No? Let it go. Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Allow yourself to feel good, excited and enthusiastic about your move by taking charge of your thoughts.

And now - you're turn! Are your thoughts stopping you from really embracing the opportunities you have ahead of you? What is your biggest struggle as you get ready for the upcoming move? Leave your answers in the comments below!