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Listen - there are going to be times in your life when it feels like you're facing a big journey. You might want to move, start taking steps towards a Big, Scary Idea, or create a refreshing and inspired change in your life or business.

You can either approach your adventure from a place of groundedness and calm or stress and overwhelm.

Which path do you want to be on?


I'm Allegra, The Thought and Action Coach. I help driven women slow down so that they can do their greatest work.

From the outside, T had experienced a lot of success, both in life and in work. Under the surface, though, she was feeling uncertain about the professional space she had carved out for herself and was ready to start going down a different, more compelling and personally inspired path.  She had a Big, Scary Idea that was equal parts exciting and paralyzing. She kept coming up with questions that she couldn’t find answers to and felt some fear around moving forward in the way that she wanted.

My role as a coach in her life was to create a space where she could decompress, calm down, and notice how her overwhelm and confusion was temporary and telling her nothing about the truth of her journey. She stopped sleeping next to her phone and carved out time for herself in this morning to reflect and get grounded. From this centered place she was able to clearly see next steps and answers to the questions she was stuck on.

Our work together helped T see that she was feeling pulled in so many different directions only because of thoughts of what she should be doing instead of what she really wanted to do. As a result, she felt more centered and confident, revitalized with energy and a new sense of purpose. 

J is a small business owner, creative, and busy mother and wife. While professionally very successful,  when J and I met she had started to realize that there had to be more to life. Despite "having it all"... it still felt like she was missing something and that there “had to be a better way”!  She was Overfilled and Unfulfilled: having a hard time finding space for herself, constantly feeling like she was giving to others (clients, kids, dogs, house, husband, family, etc), and not taking time for herself.

Our work together became about helping J rediscover and trust that centered space within herself and actively creating more of what she wanted and less of what she didn’t want. She started taking action on a creative project she'd been putting on the back burner for a long time. As a result of committing to HERSELF and saying “no” to those things which drained her of energy, J was able to find a part of herself that she had lost touch with for many years. 

K and I started working together not long after a big relocation. She was struggling with reclaiming her own identity in a new place while also handling the needs of her family. Our work together focused on separating out her feelings from her thoughts, focusing on the power of self-reflection and taking small actions towards reestablishing her life in a new place.

As a result of our work, K gained a new and empowered understanding of her own thinking, reconnected with a deeper connection to her inner strength, and started to tap into some exciting ideas about what she wanted to create next in her life. Life became EASIER as K started to rediscover herself in her new town.

“So that all sounds great...
but what exactly do you DO as a coach?”

"You know how when you take a shower and the bathroom mirror ends up all foggy, then you go to put on makeup or brush your hair? You can see the outline, a blurred image of what you look like. Allegra’s sort of like the hand that wipes away the fog so I can see myself more clearly."

I’ll help you walk towards your “edge” where your next steps feel terrifying AND exciting (terrexcitifying!).  I help you harness the power of reflection and break overwhelming projects into non-terrifying micro-actions. I believe in you but don’t believe the stories you’re telling yourself that are keeping you stuck, overwhelmed, and more a victim than the true powerhouse that you are. I stand outside of your thought tornado and guide you gently out of the storm. I show you the magic of not taking your thinking so seriously and ultimately Calm You Down. Because when you’re calm, you find all of the answers that you’re looking for.  

I have at one time or another referred to myself as an Expedition Leader, Big Idea Sherpa, Thought Coach, Lead Spelunker (shining a light into all of those dark corners of your thinking), Rad Magnet (because the people I work with are across the board radical), and Terrexcitifying Action Cheerleader.

For more about what this work is like visit here to read more about my Coaching Apothecary.

“Amazing, but STILL not sure I get it.”


I don’t blame you.

Most people don’t “get” it until they experience it (much like everything in life, yes?). So if you’re curious ENOUGH, let’s set up a time to chat. You can ask me All The Questions and we can explore how I can best help you.


“Does all of this take a lot of time?”

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How can I know that
until  I know YOU?

We might have one Discovery Call and you could feel SET and totally on fire with clarity and new direction (Trust me: This is not uncommon.) Or we could decide that we want to continue what we started and partner on a project for a year or more! All of my coaching partnerships are custom tailored, co-created, bespoke relationships built around where YOU want to get/create/accomplish and the time frame you want to work with (whether that be one week or one year.)

(Seriously, if you’ve made it this far we should talk.)


“Is there more??”

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I also love to host fun local events here in New York's Hudson Valley - workshops, hikes, dinners. If you want in on any of that stuff the best way to stay in the loop is by sharing your email below. I encourage it, too, if you’re not ready to talk YET but don’t want to forget I exist. I’ll also send you a few cool videos and ideas to think about.

You can also find me on Instagram (allegrator) and Facebook.

And if there’s a question you still have that I haven’t answered, please don’t hesitate to email me and ask: