You talk. I listen. We walk together.

What: A half hour walk together where you get to talk about whatever you want to work through in a confidential space. I will 1) listen and 2) ask questions.

That’s it.

I will not 1) offer advice, suggestions, or opinions or 2) tell you what I think you should do. If you want to walk in total silence that is also an option.

Why: When was the last time you felt truly listened to? I come from a place of believing that the answers that you’re looking for are already within you and I’d like to give you the space to tap in to that. What you think is what matters most. We’re all so used to turning to others with the questions we have - what if you had the space and guidance to listen first to yourSELF?

I also believe that through movement outdoors we settle in to our natural space of centeredness and quiet.

For me this will be a practice in powerful listening and questioning. Both are essential skills in effective coaching and ones I want to intentionally work on. It is very easy and natural for me to teach and share my own thoughts and suggestions. Harder is holding that space of deep listening and focused attention.

You get to speak openly, without fear of judgement, about the questions that are on your mind. I get to practice listening and powerful questioning. Plus we both get a nice morning walk out of it. Win-win.

When: Weekdays, 9-9:30 AM. So long as it’s not raining/slushy, I’ll be there. (Would another time work better for you? Email me*)

Where: A lovely walking loop near Tuxedo, New York. We’ll walk about 1 mile (ish)

Who: Just me and you.

Cost: Free for now. I ask only that 1) if you say you’re going to be there you be there and 2) if you enjoy your Listening Walk you tell others about it.

Additional details: This is a grand experiment and I ask you come in with an open mind. I literally will only be listening and asking you questions to help you clarify and deepen your own thinking. Please sign up for no more than 1 Listening Walk/week.

*Any other questions please email me at allegra(at)allegrastein(dot)com